• September 1, 2023
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Now, the days are gone when we needed reasons to shop. Online shopping has made a global shopping hub at your fingertip. Browsing shopping apps and adding to a cart, activity has become a task of daily life. Here, I prefer the term ‘add to cart’ because you will be shocked to know that only 3% of online consumers complete their transactions. This fact provides an enormous opportunity for online businesses, along with a major challenge to convert a visitor into a successful buyer. Here the role of emphasizing the eCommerce conversion rate optimization strategies comes in.

The eCommerce market is overflowing with varieties and options, a buyer has 100 reasons for NOT buying the product from your website. The challenge is to stand out and get the value of money that you spend on customer acquisition.

The solution is implementing the essential eCommerce conversion rate optimization strategies and converting visitors into buyers. Online businesses that execute CRO strategies witness a profitable rise in conversions. So, let’s study the practices – 

1 . Enhance the User’s Experience: The strategy is simple to implement and gives the best experience to the user. If his experience is not good with your website, he will leave your webpage and will move to browse some other site. The first thing to work on enhancing the user experience is to make navigation easier and increase the website speed. 

2 . Optimize the website speed: You can optimize website speed by compressing image size but, should be clear and explaining, minimizing HTTP requests, and using reliable hosting services.   

3 . Make It Mobile Responsive: Consider optimizing the website per the mobile users. Be sure that the website is easy to navigate on different screen sizes, loads in less time on mobile, and reflects every important feature. 

4 . User-friendly Navigation: Create simple yet attractive navigation that can help users to navigate smoothly. Consider creating options for filters, menus, sorting, and suggestions clearly to help users. 

5 . Clear Call Action: Do not create options named differently. It should be attention-grabbing, concise, and action-oriented phases like Buy Now, Add To Cart, or Get Started. 

6 . High-Quality Images: In e-commerce, images speak more than words. Images should be clear, high resolution, and able to reflect different features of the product. Consider adding videos that will help buyers understand the product more specifically while images with the zoom-in option brief about product details.  

7 . Conversion-Oriented Product Description: Product description should be specific, concise, and in easy-to-understand language. It should be pointwise and able to reflect features and attributes. 

8 . Add Testimonials and Reviews Genuinely: Add testimonials and reviews to the product page. It allows buyers to share their opinions and thoughts. It also helps buyers choose the product. 

9 . Start a customer loyalty program: Yes! Brand loyalty matters. Engage your buyers with customer loyalty programs like gifts, coupons, discounts, and exclusive offers. It makes customers feel valued and appreciated. 

10 . Personalized Customer Experience: You can personalize the shopping experience of customers by using their browsing and purchase history. Send them personalized emails or offers. It will make them valuable, and special. It can significantly increase the conversion rate.    

11 . Conduct A/B Test: A/B testing is a research technique that helps you to evaluate your listing. It compares different versions of your website elements like CTAs, product images, headlines, etc. It will provide data-driven insight to implement and enhance the website’s performance. 

12 . Opt for RBF if Required: If you want to expand with a new product or implement new promotion or marketing tactics and cash flow is a problem, opt for RBF. You can avail easy funding via RBF (Revenue-based Financing). It helps you to get funds easily in a shorter time without diluting your equity and paying huge fixed EMIs.

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