Our Journey

Since the Honourable Prime Minister has announced and encouraged the nation to be Vocal  For Local, our team has been working on multiple financial products which could “nurture” a local brand and at the same time, are self-sustainable, scalable and AI-supported. We aimed to create an ideal fintech that is AI enabled, user friendly and must address the pain points of start-ups in the D2C segment. So….  We brainstormed, worked on several ideas and changed our AI protocol multiple times, but nothing clicked with us. Then we all sat in our meeting room and started playing. No, we aren’t talking about any game; we are talking about the role-play activity. This gave us a chance to ‘become’ like you, to understand your challenges and to bring something for you, so you can grow. And this is how Ved India was created. We transitioned from a thought to a proposal to an AI-based software to a website and here we are ready to open our shop for our special clientele whom we call by the name “dreamers”.