Our Services

We facilitate revenues based financing services to the sellers and companies. We offer these services without any equity, collaterals or personal guarantees. Depending upon the requirements and performance of the company, the offers are personalized to fulfil the needs of the organization. Our service is fast, AI-enabled and just a few clicks away that gives you the courage to dream big and make those dreams come true.
Many businesses have creative ideas but to fulfil their dreams they have to compromise with the control over the business because they need funding. Our services give them a chance to build a successful empire without losing any equity at the early stages of traction.
This initial online process takes only 5 minutes of data upload and then we share a crisp AI-generated credit risk profile of your brand in comparison to the industry standards along with your loan to sales ratio. Additionally, we also share certain financial corrections you must make to grow in business and increase your net profit margins. We make a Loan offer if your AI generated credit risk analysis is in line with the industry. All of this is done remotely and if you need any kind of support throughout the process, we have a dedicated Customer helpline number for that.