We, through our lender partners, offer revenue-based funding to the companies against some fixed fees. We offer the capital without any equity, collateral. The repayments are flexible as they are made from the percentage of the future revenue. The amount is offered based on the requirement and performance of the company.

VEDIndia does not ask for any collateral or equity in exchange for the capital as asked by the banks while providing loans. This makes it easy for the borrower and the borrower need not compromise with the ownership of the company.

The basic process includes 4 steps:

  • Upload your financial data for the last 6-12 months
  • Find your eligibility and insights of your financial business model, as designed by our Specialized AI software
  • Get the capital
  • Repay from future revenue

The details that we require from your side are:

  • PAN card and GST Number of the start-up plus directors
  • Permission to access online sales, adv expense, logistic data, loan account details
  • Loan account e-statement
  • Company presentation
  • And other standard documents

Absolutely, we take our job very seriously and keep the data of our customers secured and confidential with bank-level encryption.  We have a proper confidentiality clause for each of our clients.

Of course, we are here for that. When your repayment record is good, we would love to have a long term partnership with you and it will be our pleasure to facilitate access to more capital as your business is growing.

This is the advantage of RBF’s flexible repayment schedule. If due to any unfortunate reason, you do not generate any revenue in one month, there is no need to pay anything from your revenue that month. Remember the percentage of Rs 0 revenue is also 0.

We value your brand and would like to grow with your growth. Revenue-based financing is a revolutionary financing model where you get the capital you need for your business growth in exchange for a fixed percentage of your gross revenue.

The RBF financing model benefits the borrower in many ways. From taking care of the capital issues to maintain the ownership of the business with the borrower to low risk and flexible repayments, it takes care of it all.

Please click on this link to see the acceptable client profile details.

Acceptable Client profile

No. Not at all. VEDIndia does not ask for any equity or collateral in exchange for the capital.

VEDIndia offers capital without taking control of your business. Your business will always remain yours when you are associated with us.

The entire process takes around 3-4 weeks, starting from the eligibility check to getting the funds.

At VEDIndia, the process of underwriting which means evaluating and verifying all your details and information for further approval will be done by our specialized AI-based software. This removes the possibility of any bias and makes the entire process fair, fast and easy.

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