Revenue linked debt is the need of the hour for all budding local brands

We created this platform to provide the right and convenient type of debt to the first generation budding local brands. If you know how to grow your sales and have some data or plans to prove it, we can fund you immediately.


Step 1

Fill out our application form (simple 5-10 minute process)


Step 2

Our Data analytic and AI enabled software processes your e-application and auto generates a unique loan offer, especially designed for your brand, keeping in mind your business cycle, trends and repayment capacity.


Step 3

You pay only a fixed %age of monthly net sales as repayment


Step 4

Even after the repayment, if you wish , you can avail fresh loans, as your growth will be recorded by our Data analytic and AI enabled software on real time basis.


Step 5

These Credit analysis and growth reports will be documentary proof for your loan viability to other funding institutions.

First generation local brands are here to change the face of online shopping experiences.

We pledge to support “vocal for local” brands doing business online.

Introduction Form

If you wish to tailor design a debt for your special needs, please feel free to reach out us by filling the basic introduction form.

    Simple Step

    To help you unleash your growth potential

    By raising a tailor made debt offer:

    Fill out the online form

    Share your marketing and revenue data with 100% data security.

    Offer acceptance and quick loan disbursement

    Our Data analytic and AI enabled software will review/summarize the data and instantly generate a loan offer especially designed for you. Based on your ability to repay plus your ability to grow.

    You grow and expand with the use of the loan amount on pre-agreed heads

    You repay a small %age of the net sales as repayment which is custom designed by the software based on your sales trends.