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  • May 8, 2023
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Success for any company is making a courageous decision without apprehension of financing solutions. Nowadays, we can witness business expansion on the digital commerce platform with the help of Revenue-based Financing (RBF). Why revenue-based financing? Why is it getting more prevalent than traditional financing solutions? Can Revenue-based Funding Be the Secret to Your Business Success? 

RBF has accelerated a trend of digital-native generation and expanded the investing power of businesses. It has given the power to merchants to shift according to the market change in terms of enhancing the online shopping experience, custom packaging, and offering customized approaches. RBF provides the advantage of growing interest in digital retail and can help with different factors like 

  • Managing and Expanding Online Inventory: Managing and expanding inventory is one of the most needed supports to the business. It helps make your products always available and increase on-hand inventory to meet growing demand. 
  • Exploring and Targeting Digital Market: Solving cash-flow problems help to explore global opportunities. It helps to target a large base of consumers in a new market. RBF helps to create your footprint and target a wider audience. 
  • Ramping up Promotion and Marketing Efforts: RBF provides an opportunity to invest in promotion and grows marketing efforts. The step will target more buyers and boost online sales. This help to earn more and secure your profit.
  • Competition with Brands: The digital market has big players to win the market. To compete with them, you need a well-planned strategy and proper cash flow. With the RBF funds, you can strategies major problems of the e-commerce market like free shipping, special offers, and more discounts. 
  • Upgrading Tools and Techniques: You can enhance your consumer’s experience of the website with upgraded tools and techniques. This will help consumers make online shopping easy and retain them for further purchases. 

Challenges in Your Way: 

One of the major challenges e-commerce merchants countenance is that traditional business financing providers aren’t creating online retail support. In e-commerce, there is a big gap between paying for inventory and waiting for revenue generation. Initially, when loan providers work with digital retailers often base the borrowing limits, secure investment, heavy percentage on EMIs, heavy fixed EMIs, or yield control of some of their business. Here, RBF makes differences innovatively and creatively. 

How RBF Creates Difference?

RBF empowers e-commerce retailers to explore current and future opportunities and solve roadblocks to success. RBF providers like Vedfin evaluate potential earnings rather than the value of inventory or assets. It simplifies short-term financing and helps to sustain and grow by offering the following features to consider before opting for funding. 

  1. The easy and quick process is as easy as 48 hours. 
  2. No personal guarantee required 
  3. Allows you to repay with flexibility. 
  4. Retain your ownership and control 
  5. No fear of equity loss.
  6. No exhausting documentation process. 

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