5 Best Revenue-Based Financing Companies
  • July 18, 2023
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Since the conception of RBF in 2020, Indian startups are joining the bandwagon faster and have set unicorns in the space. RBF companies in India have played a crucial role in funding startups or businesses globally, popular among e-commerce and D2C businesses. It is quite a favored go-to funding choice due to its unrestricted factors including fixed heavy installments and equity dilution.     

The model of Revenue-based financing (RBF) was started in the USA and is now taking off to India, which has enabled young start-ups to access easy funding. Now, you can ask about its uniqueness after the traditional loan providers and banks. RBF is a fundraising platform that allows start-ups to raise funds in terms of providing a percentage of the company’s future revenue. This data-driven approach has brought a revolution in the finance market and has benefited start-ups across various sectors including SaaS, D2C, B2B, and edtech. 

The factors contributing to gaining the popularity include easy terms and processes such as no heavy fixed installments to pay back, no fear of equity dilution as the RBF companies don’t ask for the equity stake, no long and tedious paperwork, and no long-time to wait. RBF companies are providing quick and easy funds to start-ups and businesses with the help of advanced software and high-tech enabled system, 

The year 2023 has witnessed tremendous growth of RBF companies financing various sectors and writing part of their success story. Among the number of various brands, here by today, we will explore the 5 best RBF brands in India to consider in 2023. 

1 . BHIVE Investec – Bhive Investec is a Bangluru-based fintech start-up, a platform for commercial real estate rental solutions driven by a customer-centric approach. The name is well known for providing the best-in-class customer experience, customized solutions, value for money, and the best selection. BHIVE Investec implements advanced technology to curate the need for high-return Investment Opportunities in the Commercial Real Estate world.  

2 . GetVantage – GetVantage is an emerging player that aims to democratize access to growth capital for consumer brands and e-commerce businesses. The company implements a machine learning-based credit decision engine and a deal management system to scale with the business, adjusting repayment amounts based on actual revenue performance. It also evaluates and gauges the applicant’s future revenue performance. Getvanatage provides access to industry experts to help the business grow and develop by optimizing its growth strategies.  

3 . Klub – Klub, a Bengaluru-based start-up, is an ideal investment platform for businesses that need fast, founder-friendly, and flexible funding with retaining complete control of their business. Klub implements financial innovation, upgraded technology, a customer-centric approach, and deep data analytics to provide funding without any hassle of equity, guarantee, and lengthy paperwork. 

4 . Vedfin – Vedfin is a leading revenue-based financing provider in India. The company focuses on investing in both early-stage and high-growth companies across various sectors that include technology, e-commerce, consumer brands, healthcare, and so many. Vedfin has enabled smooth working processes and systems via advanced technology, a high-professional team, and a customer-centric approach. With its extensive network and enriched experience, the company contributes to the growth of India’s startup ecosystem. 

5 . IntelleGrow – IntelleGrow is one of the fastest-growing revenue-based financing providers in India. It caters to small and medium-sized enterprises across various sectors. They offer a customized financing solution to businesses depending on their future forecasted growth, revenue system, and market presence.  IntelleGrow provides access to experts and professionals for valuable guidance and mentorship for growth and development. 

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